SayspireQuotes is the world’s foremost original quotation and motivational site.  Unlike other quotation sites that gather quotes from famous athletes, politicians, businessman or well-known people, the quotes, motivational stories and poems found here are from everyday folks such as yourself.


Who We Are?

SayspireQuotes is the result of one man’s vision into the everyday life of family, friends and peers. He saw and continues to see, countless people walk through life with very little dreams. At work, people give of their talent and skill, expecting someone to notice and reward them for their efforts. On the road, long faces of people stare aimlessly into the abyss of each day, to a job many hate to love. What kind of life is this?

One man. One mind. One vision. One heart. One resolve. This is SayspireQuotes. Born of a dream to make a difference in the lives of those who seek difference.


What Does Sayspire Mean?

For the curious bunch who ask, “What does Sayspire mean,” let us explain. When we came together to think of names for this site, we focused on the word “inspiration.”  So, after long nights of racking our brains, we decided on two words, “inspiration” and “sayings.”  Viola! Say (Sayings) Spire (Inspiration) was born.


Why Use Sayspire?

Life is full of surprises. Some days you’re riding high, other days it may seem like nothing is going your way.  SaysireQuotes is a place to find comfort, guidance and purpose during those rough times.

The mind and heart are complex biological parts of the human body, and though they’re complex, they contain super hero power. It is our hope the quotes and motivational words on SayspireQuotes can help unlock that power within you.