Do You Believe Life is a Glass Half Full?

We stumble. We fall. We become discouraged and we stop. We lose the ability to believe. But we must rise like the almighty sun… we must face negative thoughts that weigh us down like an anchor in a harbor.

We are our greatest enemy

… our greatest ally… our biggest cheerleader. You, the image staring back at you in the mirror, is the problem and the answer to your disposition in life.

The world IS truly your oyster. Nothing can stop you but the lack of confidence that ravages your belief. Fear is a tremendously powerful emotion but equally powerful is BELIEF.

You are destined for greatness

… for a legacy that will live on for generations. You just need to BELIEVE against the challenges of today and those to come… against mathematical odds and history.

. Let that be water unto your soul that nourishes the desires of your heart.