The Greatest Gift, A Daughter Poem

A daughter poem: My daughter, You are a fresh air, When smoggy days find me, My daughter, You are  a deep breath, When life constricts me, My daughter, You are the cure, To the sickness of adulthood, My daughter, You are an infectious smile, Lighting my days with joy, My daughter, You are patience, When frazzled emotions, Ravage my mind, My daughter, You are a gift, A treasure beyond life. © Joshua Cintron 2015

My daughter, you are a fresh air
++++when smoggy days find me.

My daughter, you are  a deep breath
++++when life constricts me.

My daughter, you are the cure
++++to the sickness of adulthood.

My daughter, you are an infectious smile
++++lighting my days with joy.

My daughter, you are patience
++++when frazzled emotions ravage my mind.

My daughter, uou are a gift,
++++a treasure beyond life.

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