Motivational Writing: Can We Trust the Definition of Success by the Rich and Powerful?

Can we trust the definition of success by the rich and powerfulEver thought of becoming an actor, business owner or hit it big with a service or product available to customers around the world to consider yourself a success? Seems as though the media fuels society into believing success is only attained by amassing fame or money.

What of those who will never achieve fame, status, money or any measurable achievement, are they not considered successful?

And what of you and the dreams and goals you hold close, are you not a success if you fail to achieve them?

Success is Measured in Effort

Some people may never achieve goals set for themselves. Why? Because their goals are set too high or aren’t set high enough. In either case, setting unattainable goals just adds to the pervasive thoughts of failure and dejection running ramped in society.

Society is programmed to measure efforts by a theoretical scale provided by the powers that be. Men, women, and children are continually told through television, media, radio and now the Internet, money makes life better. The collection of lavish gifts, majestic homes, and far away places is the result of successful people. Albeit true, money does not equate to success.

Stop and think for a second, if money did fall in your lap, beyond the immediate purchase of a home, car, jewelry, and vacations, what would you do with it? If you have no money management skill, would life be better off?

Sadly, most will squander money gifted to them because they do not understand the knowledge and resolve required to earn it.

Money is not the measure of success. I repeat, money is not the measure of success. Just in case you missed it:

Money is not the measure of success.


Understand, the man or woman selling flowers on the street corner is no less successful than the man or woman leading the largest company in the world. Sure, power, status, money, and position favor those in high position, but the supposed glorious life of the rich and famous is a facade, a well-produced movie of perfection that simply does not exist.

People are people. Problems happen to all, even those who wield power and money to manipulate society into believing money solves everything.

Success is Different for You and Me

Society is a pack of sheep herded by the elitist, powerful men and women with money and power. Society is taught from birth to be obedient, to follow rules and do what it is right. And though this is the mantra for most of the sheep, it is not for rulers of this world.

Do not allow others to define your success. If you are married to the one who captured your heart, living in a place called home with food and clothes, and that is what you dreamed, you are a success.

If you attend college, struggling to maintain a household dependent on your efforts and you never let them down, you are a success.

If you are raising or raised children, and you did your best with tools provided to you, you are a success.

If you are aspiring to become an artist, writer, business owner, actor, teacher or someone who makes a difference in the lives of others, you are a success.

Get the point? Success is subjective, each person is successful in their own right. Sure, money may not flow to you now but “may” can become “will” at any point in time because of your desire and will to succeed.

Stop comparing yourself to others and what you don’t have. Focus on how you can achieve your goals.


The Success Characteristic

As you read this article and think of everything you failed at or continue failing at or the self-defeating words you tell yourself, you hold the success characteristic within you.

It is difficult accepting praise from others when one’s true desires are rooted in humility and genuine servitude to others. And despite lies and deceit told by the government and corporations who reap huge rewards suppressing hope and self-worth, most, if not all in society are a success already.

  • You are more than a number
  • You are more than a statistic
  • You are capable of great things

The success characteristic is belief. Yes, belief, and when applied with vision, it is a force no man, woman or entity can stop.

Success is not a well-kept secret but entrenched in belief. Even in death, dreams come true, in the lives you touch. Success is yours to have. Do not give it away listening to others tell you, “It can’t be done”.

Will you continue believing the rich and powerful and their definition of success?

If you carry belief as a sword, nothing can stop you, in life or death, in pursuit of your dreams.