Can You Ever Be the Change You Desire?

Motivational Stories by SayspireQuotesThe day is new, yet the path is the same as it was yesterday, and shall it be tomorrow. Fast forward years, even decades and still, the path remains the same.

Where is the glory in sameness? Where is the zeal to know tomorrow when it is as today? If you lend your eyes to the words before you, understand change knows no time, no person, no age, yet it eludes most of us. To be different when there is no changeĀ is a great folly.

If you to look to tomorrow, you forsake the now, for without doing differently today, your job will lose its luster, fear will house you and things that satisfy the now, will quickly fade into memory.

We are lost in a vicious cycle that will see to our end before we realize. Many of us are forced to rise when we don’t want to, give a skill that is visible only in our errors and bow to a system where we matter only in a roster. Is this the life we are to accept? Are we to lay down, give up the silent goals we long for but cower at trying to set out and achieve?

Is this it…are we not meant for so much more? If there is no change in us, can we expect to be used for so much more?

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