When Depression is as Real as Your Hands

Life is riddled with defining moments that birth pain, replacing the biological person you are born to be. You, only you know the insurmountable pain clouding your judgment that robs the joy surrounding you.

Pain and depression are as real as the hands used to carry out the careless actions they bring about. You may not care to carry on because your life is not worth living but know this, your pain will be the birth of pain in others.

There are no words to remove the depressive state you carry from yesterday until today but know that hope remains the foundation where pain dwells.

Life will always be a tumultuous roller coaster of joys and sorrow. You will lose loved ones and gain new friends. You will ride the euphoria of success and free fall from bad decisions.

This is life in all its glory and you must not let it beat you. You are more valuable than you think. More loved than you know. More precious than the world makes you believe.

Stay strong, this too shall pass.

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