How To Counter Life’s It Is What It Is Mentality Motivational Story

A motivational story about the negativity swirling in society. It's difficult to remain positive when so many people around you are pessimistic and negative. How do you stay positive?They stumble one by one down the dimly lit parking lot, carrying backpacks, lunch pails, and purses on their slumped shoulders.

Disheveled is their hair. Eyes tired, darkened circles tell of a morning fight between awakening and sleep. Though awake, look upon them further and they are zombies, comatose, led to the slaughter of work.

They are train riders, prisoners of commuting, traveling great distances and hours that rival half a work day. Like so many commuters aboard trains and stuck in traffic, it is a job before the job.

It is of little worth to have a job if one cannot arrive on time, much less arrive at all. For many, it is an added layer to an already obligatory life. Though economists and political pundits care only of unemployment statistics, what about those, who, for every year worked, lose three months to commuting?

Depressing as it sounds, there is hope. There is a way to make the laborious commute and tireless work forcing you to show up because of pay, much more rewarding, and it rests in finding and feeding a passion.

“Be glad you have a job,” say those who do not hold a job but seek one. True, but know this:

It is easy to view what is not felt and speak as though it is known.


Millions of people who wake early and rush to a job, will at some point think, “I rather collect unemployment and just live off the system.” Rightfully so, the life of a law-abiding, hard-working, upstanding and taxpaying citizen is arduous, unfair and health adverse.

To stand upright, to give to a self-serving society where hard work, directly and indirectly, supports those who manipulate for personal gain, is a great cost realized in medical visits and prescription drugs.

Dear brethren and sisters, who utter, “Is this it? Am I not meant for more?” Lose not faith nor hope. Look away from the overwhelming perception that “it is what it is,” that you have no choice but to do what you are doing because of pay, age or skill set.

Know you are the great quilt weaver of life and should you wish to add to that quilt, add as you wish. Make whatever design, color or threading you want because it is yours.

You are in control and though a paycheck may dictate your day-to-day actions now, know you can do a little each day toward your passion that will pay far beyond money. If, one day, such passion supersedes what you earn in pay or financial gain of the loathsome job you are in now, know your experience can be shared with others who will face similar circumstances.

Commuting is a way of life for many who grace this article with their eyes, if so, turn minutes whisked away into moments that build toward that which you may not yet see, but hope for.

Surely, you can further yourself by gaining knowledge and information in pursuit of your passion versus simply existing, right?