An Employee Done Wrong

Are you an employee who’s been done wrong, ridiculed, picked on?  Do you feel undervalued and unappreciated as your worth measured by your supervisors and higher-ups is repeatedly diminished? You’re not alone. 

Oftentimes, we lose our sense of worth because we give our all to a company who values us very little.

DO NOT measure your worth by the way employers perceive you to be.

Yes, you receive compensation for the skills, abilities, and knowledge you provide, but you’re not a slave. You’re more than dollar bill and the job you have.

If you are loyal, dedicated and passionate in what you do, DO NOT allow your employer to rob you, deter you or make you question who you are or what you are capable of doing.

You may feel rejected, ostracized, undervalued, underappreciated and more important, underpaid.

You may be the best employee whose every walked the halls of your current company, yet, you are treated as a second class citizen.

You’re an employee done wrong because you remained loyal to the company through thick and thin, bending over backwards to put your best foot forward. But still, the powers that be value your effort very little.

Nearly every company across every industry cares about their name and image. To ascend up the ranks of pay and stature requires political jockeying and as some would,  “kissing ass.”

Most employers believe an employee is fortunate to have a job, and thus, treat loyal and faithful employees as second class citizens.

Do NOT ALLOW any person, any company, any organization, anyone to tell you how much your worth by money or benefits they may provide you. You are marvelous, talented, a superior human being with abilities and gifts to do accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Take back your worth. Make a stand that you will not be controlled by the chains of wages or benefits, that you are than a job.

Dear employee, the world is vast and you are talented beyond measure, and you can become anything you want to become.

Use your job to acquire knowledge and experience to create something for the greater good, because in the end, your name, your legacy is all that remains.