NEVER Bow to the Establishment Motivational Story

A motivational story about conformity and the need to be you. If you work in some for government or law enforcement, you know all too well about the suppression that occurs. You may not like it but you deal with it because it pays the bills.Today, walk down the path paved by your dreams. Yes, you are obligated to work as a means of survival, but that is not your legacy. It cannot be if your heart and passion are absent.

You may exhibit talents and skills far beyond the capacity of your peers and superiors. You may question a system that shackles you with pay and benefits. You may be ostracized because you think like a free man or woman. Once you realize all these, you will become a threat because you refuse to bow to the oppressive mandates levied by titles that rule over you in the confines of work.

Often the most talented and gifted become the most disgruntled. Thus, they withdraw their talents, skills, and ideas because they understand the organization’s image they work for, is of greater importance than the backs of those that the image is built on.

NEVER bow to the establishment or to the people who meticulously and purposefully aim to thwart your talent and gifts. NEVER let the pursuits nagging in your heart fall victim to someone else’s wayward words. NEVER believe you are simply made to work in a capacity or in a place that you abhor.

The establishment may stop your actions but it cannot mute your voice. The establishment may stymie your ideas, but it cannot rob your dreams. Stay true to you and continue moving toward the life you know you can build.

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