Only the Strong Survive Motivational Story

Life is tough, it weeds out the weak, giving hell to the strong. You may be beaten, mauled or stripped of everything you know, but here you are, standing… breathing… living.

Anything worth value requires a fight – love, money, title, job, car. Half the battle is achieving those things, the other half is battling those who will try everything in their power to take it from you.

Contrary to the compassion of faith in others we try to exhibit, we are what we think, what we feel, how we act, and to be of a weak mind is all but death.

We are more than what we believe we are. We are stronger than the grip of our hands. We are built to survive, to conquer what seems inconceivable.

To survive and flourish, you must hold these as absolute truths.

No crying,
No pain,
No whining,
No pity,
No surrender.

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