The Best First Year Anniversary Gift You Can Give Her




The Perfect Gift to tell Her, I Love You


Dear Gift Seeker,

Did you know paper is the gift to give for your first anniversary?

You may ask yourself, “What the heck comes in paper?”

How about a book.

Yup. A giftbook.

Whether you’re celebrating your first anniversary or your tenth, you want to give your girlfriend or wife a gift that is going to wow her.

She wants to feel close to you—to know she
is your one and only.

You know she wants romance from you.  For you to be passionate with her, to whisk her away on cloud 9.

The problem is you don’t express how you really feel about her in the way she wants you to.

Sure you love her.  You work hard, trying to give her what you think she wants.

But, we she wants isn’t material or money for the most part, she wants you. She wants to know you love her.  She wants that first position in your heart.

Let’s face it, as guys we tend to stick to what we know—sports, beer and entertainment. We don’t need “romance,” movie nights or candlelight dinners.

You do those things because you know she likes it, and you want to make her happy. You know she loves…loves…loves:

Romance.  Romance.  Romance.

How many times have you heard her say, “Why can’t you be more romantic? “

A lot.

So to satisfy this need of hers, you might send her a dozen roses to her work or take her out to a really fine dinner.

The unfortunate reality of roses is that although they look amazing and express your love,  they die a few days later. And the money you spent on them, about $60-$80 is out the door.

Take her to a really nice restaurant, with a nice ambiance and drinks, you’re looking to shell out over $100. Again, you’ll enjoy the time and crap out the money you spent the next day.

What if I told you
I have the perfect gift
to show her
just how romantic you really are?

Read this romantic love poem for her and think about how she would feel if she received this from you:

In your gaze, my heart thumps, skipping beats in the blink of your eyes; 

fluttering in the collapse of your lids, racing when our eyes hug

in the vastness of space. How I long to be the desire of your


She would be floored, right? Her love tank would fill so quickly that the only response she could give you was a hug, kiss or even more.

You may think to yourself, “My girlfriend/wife doesn’t like poetry.”

She doesn’t? Have you ever asked her?

It might be safe to say almost every woman loves romance and love, let alone beautiful words from the man she loves.

Listen, if you don’t have the credit or are unwilling to shell out thousands of dollars for diamond jewelry, there is no better way to express your love for her than with a book filled with romantic love poems.

Is there?

Samples of the Love Poems Inside this Book


Pretty deep huh?

There’s over 80 romantic poems just like the one’s above inside this book called Upon a Moonlight Kiss, My Expressions of Love for You.

Let’s recap what you’ll get in this book,
actually, what your wife,  girlfriend or partner
will get when you give them this gem of a book:

✓ Over 80 passionate romantic love poems

✓ A  thoughtful gift that says you didn’t wait until the last minute to buy

✓ A  memoir to cherish for decades

✓ Re-kindle love that may have dwindled over time

This book is currently  sold in select Los Angeles California Hallmark stores, and will enter more Hallmark stores nationally in the coming months.

This is an anniversary gift you can’t lose with, and for the low cost of $24.99, she’ll be able to keep it for the rest of her life.

Your girlfriend or wife will be able to read the 80 romantic poems whenever, however—as a reminder of how much you love her.

Grab your copy today. Click this link and make an impression on her that is sure to last a lifetime.


Joshua Cintron