Romantic Love Poems for a Wife, Girlfriend or Loved One

A heartfelt collection of love poems, prefect for anniversary gifts, Valentine's Day gifts and romantic gifts for her. If a unique adversary gift for your wife or girlfriend is what toot need, look no further than Upon a Moonlight Kiss.

Everlasting Love

Every woman, yes, EVERY woman wants to be swept off her feet!!! She wants the euphoria of love to last until the ends of time. She wants romance, passion, and love that lifts her high above any other woman or object. Well, the problem for most men is that we get comfortable. We take our girl out less. We don’t hold her hand like we use to. We don’t spend “quality” time with her like going for walks, watching a movie or cuddling bed. If you’re this guy, boy do I have the perfect gift to bring you back into her good graces.

She Wants Romance Bro!

Romance. Romance. Romance. I’m sure you here your girl say this from time to time, right? If not, you’re probably still in the honeymoon phase. Give it some time. You’ll here those words soon enough. Listen,  what if you had a book full of romantic poems, about 100 to be exact, would that fill her love tank up? Would she be floored you actually took the time to find her a gift that actually expressed your feelings? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Gander at this romantic love poem for her that’s part of the nearly 100 love poems inside this unique romantic gift book titled, Upon a Moonlight Kiss:

In your gaze, my heart thumps,
Skipping beats in the blink of your eyes,
Fluttering in the collapse of your lids,
Racing when our eyes hug
In the vastness of space,
How I long to be the desire of your stare.

Come on guys, tell me that wouldn’t send your girl to the moon and back? And if that’s not enough, the book has an empty page following each poem, do you know why? I’ll wait… so she can share her feelings about what she just read. Come on, that’s good right?!
There is so much romantic love in this gift that I’m sure it will restore the passion That often wanes over time between two people. If only if, all the poems are read and responded to, will the full effect of the book be realized.

Take a Glimpse Inside

You got a glimpse of what the book is truly about in the romantic poem above. But here are a few more poems about love that your girl will bask in delight over:

I look to the skies
Thanking the heavens for sending me you,
You are one in a billion,
Intelligence wrapped in love,
A presence that draws all near,
Honored am I to know you,
To feel you,
To hold you,
To call you the one.

Should she ask, ” Am I the one? ”  I think the poem above answers that don’t you?

True love,
Was a mystical feeling I cared to not know,
Until I met you,

Love at first sight,
Was a fanciful notion I never cared to think of,
Until I met you,

“Soul mate,”
Was a phrase love struck fools used
When infatuation consumed them,
Thought to live only in fairytales,
Until I met you.

You get a sense of the deep, passionate, romantic love contained in this book of poems, right?  Well, there’s 98 more where that came from.

Plus, she has a blank page following each romantic poem so that she can share her joy and love right back to you. It’s genius idea!!!

Let’s recap what you’ll get, actually, what your wife,  girlfriend or partner will get when you give them this gem of  a book:

✓ Passionate romance with 100 love poems

✓ A  thoughtful gift that says you didn’t wait until the last minute to buy

✓ A  journal that let’s her(him) share her feelings with you

✓ Re-kindle love that may dwindle over time

✓ Show her(him) how much love you really have for her(him)

You won’t find this gift in stores, at least not in stores across the nation yet. I’m beginning to roll out this gift book at select Los Angeles Hallmark stores. So if you’re in the area and happen to visit Hallmark, seek out the book.

You get this book all for the low cost of $19.99 $14.99!! That’s it. A word of caution, that price us surely going up as it hits retail stores across the nation but for now, its only $14.99 price.

Pick up your copy on Amazon.